Navitas Golf Cart App: On-the-Fly Programmer

The video walk-through below will show you exactly how to navigate the Navitas Dashboard in the On-the-Fly (OTF) Navitas App.  You will have the full power of your new 2023 Navitas Golf Cart in the palm of your hands!  

When you purchase a Midwest Cartz custom golf cart, we will personally help you configure your initial settings. In the mean time, see the link below for a quick tutorial! 

NAVITAS App Golf Cart Dashboard Explained

  • Speedometer: if tire size on the settings tab is correct, then the speedometer will report speed directly from the vehicle as opposed to GPS
  • Caution sign: indicates errors stopping vehicles or warnings about state of vehicle. When you press the caution sign, faults will show. You can choose email and it will generate an email to send to your dealer or you can cancel and correct the faults
  • Battery Voltage: measures the battery charge
  • Motor Temperature: measures the temperature of the motor
  • Lock Button: press button to lock or unlock car remotely.
  • Green Words on Bottom: indicates the vehicle’s driving status (e.g. waiting for key, waiting to be unlocked, waiting for charger to be removed, waiting for tow switch, battery too low, waiting for forward or reverse switch, waiting for throttle to release, waiting for brake switch to be released, waiting for brake pedal to be released, waiting for foot switch, driving)

Visit the Navitas to learn more: